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Serie 140 RSX


Casted stainless steel - high efficiency
Pompe sommerse da 6 pollici Serie 140 RSX
6'' 50 - 60 Hz

Radial submersible pumps 6 inches - inox

The Radial Pumps of RSX range, are completely in Precision Cast Stainless Steel. EN 1.4301(AISI 304) and represent the most advanced and performing solution of the RX range. The radial solution, having a particularly reduced axial size, allows the use of a large number of stage, with the vantage to obtaining very high heads at the same diameter. The diffuser, thank to the blading system prolonged until the impeller exits, allows the water to follow an obligatory trajectory with a consequent increase in performance and hydraulic performance. The Stage is composed of: Impeller, Diffuser, Cone/hexagonal ring, Bearing bush, Usury ring, O-ring In this type of pump, the Impellers are attached to the pump shaft trough the cone and the hexagonal ring, avoiding therefore, the key cut and no fault shaft. The diffuser body is stuck with each other, via a threading system, thus eliminating the pulls that during operation can stretch with possible water leaks between the stages.

Serie 140 RSX

Submersible pump 6 inches.
Casted stainless steel.
Diffuser AISI 304.

High performance – Low operating costs, Remarkable durability, Easy mounting and disassembling, High pressure, Reduced maintenance.

Diffuser, suction and body valve in Stainless Steel precision casted EN 1.4301 (AISI 304), Pump shaft in Stainless Steel EN 1.4301(AISI 304), Bearing bush, usury ring, valve gasket in NBR.
Under request:
Stainless steel precision casted EN 1.4401 – AISI 316, Stainless steel precision casted EN 1.4462 – DUPLEX

Capacity up to 78 m³/h, Head up to 650 m, Power up to 92 kW
Maximum sand tolerance: 100 g/m³.
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